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The Beauty in Things I Could Complain About

I was once called charmed because I did not experience a lot of strife with my family or friends. This blessing has left me bewildered and thrown for a loop when I meet people who are filled with venom and have no problem spewing it out upon you, whether warranted or not.  Cuss words, dismissive behavior, untrustworthy tactics, if unprepared and unprovoked can scar you, causing emotional trauma. Often times when people inflict harm upon someone else for no reason it is an indication that they, themselves, are damaged by some form of abuse, so I then am reminded ofImage the Beauty: the Beauty in preserving a peaceful spirit among a world that is contrary, the Beauty in knowing that experiencing poor treatment doesn’t have anything to do with me, the Beauty in creating firm boundaries about what I will accept and what I will not, the Beauty in praying…

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